Adrienne Wolter, Graphic Artist
Adrienne Wolter, Graphic Artist
Adrienne Wolter


Adrienne Wolter is a graphic artist who works in various media including cut paper, web, video, digital illustration, and animation. Her work often takes advantage of simple, childlike imagery to tell a much less simplistic story about the larger world. Her design philosophy involves combining bright colors and bold forms to make a unique visual impact.

Based in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Adrienne is a recent magna cum laude graduate with distinction in Studio Art from Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. Her current career aspirations include finding work in graphic design, web design, or publishing. Adrienne's current goal is to learn Objective-C, the iOS programming language for creating iPhone apps. Often her work leads her to collaborate with her partner of five years, Pierre Hazan, an electronic musician. When she is not working on a project, Adrienne can be found cooking, dabbling in programming languages, or obsessing over anything and everything French.

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